The Power of Twitter

Twitter works! It is an unbelievably powerful promotional tool. I am a believer. I also know that just about everyone in the world has discovered this relatively new fact of life before I did.

I am not a social media sort of person. This blog was created as a means of testing the social media world and learning a little about it as I go along. I do have a Twitter account that I use to announce a new blog entry, and don’t do much else with it outside of following a few sites that interest me.

One of the Twitter accounts I do follow is David Morrell, the author of First Blood, which introduced the original Rambo character. David Morrell is a legend in the thriller community. I have heard him speak, and read some of his work. I was impressed. He has a very intellectual approach to his writing, and shares his expertise in a very engaging manner. I suggest reading Morrell if you want to see a master writer at work.

Recently, David Morrell tweeted that “And the great spy novelist Charles McCarry THE TEARS OF AUTUMN died recently.” As an aspiring thriller writer, I was embarrassed to admit to myself that I was not familiar with McCarry at all, and I had never heard of THE TEARS OF AUTUMN, so I marched to my local library, which is a member of a very large library system. There were several copies of THE TEARS OF AUTUMN in the system, but all were recently withdrawn. The system noted there were a number of requests for the book pending. I placed my name on the list. After about a month I am still waiting for these copies to be returned, and I am still pretty low on the waiting list. I was able to withdraw a very well-used copy of a Charles McCarry book, OLD BOYS. This was not his most popular book, but it  is still pretty darned good.

I wanted to say thanks to David Morrell for alerting me to this author. I am looking forward to reading THE TEARS OF AUTUMN, but I fear that will be some time in the future. I also wanted to say thanks to Twitter for moving me to action. In my local, limited universe, there was a lot of demand for McCarry’s work. Undoubtedly, a huge demand nationwide and even worldwide has now been generated. All due to a tweet from a respected writer. That tweet moved me, and a whole lot of other people as well. A powerful force!

Thanks again to David Morrell (and Twitter) for leading me to a great writer I would have missed. I’ll be posting my review of OLD BOYS shortly.

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