Review of “The Canonical Order” by T.R. Kurtz

Canonical Order CoverI joined a group on Goodreads with the subject of espionage. Within this group, T.R. Kurtz offered a free electronic copy of “The Canonical Order” in exchange for an honest review. I took Mr. Kurtz up on the offer and within a few days I received a copy of the book on Kindle. I read the book, and enjoyed it a lot. I had email exchanges with him and gave him a much more detailed review. I do hope it helped him in some small way on his publishing journey. It is fun to correspond with writers who are at different stages of the process, and I would like to congratulate Mr. Kurtz on completing and publishing a very decent military thriller. I hope he continues, and I look forward to reading his next work. I published the review below on Amazon and Goodreads, giving The Canonical Order” 4 out 5 stars.

Overall I was impressed with this book. The author’s knowledge of weapons and tactics is excellent. I saw nothing that seemed incorrect or out of line.I think the writing of the action scenes is excellent, particularly those taking place at the conclusion of the book. I enjoyed the final action scenes the most. There was a lot of really gripping tension at the conclusion of the book, along with a few clever twists at the end. The story is interesting and comes to a very believable ending.

The weakness of this book had to do with the premise that the protagonist is a member of a military organization that supports the Catholic Church. I think this notion is what differentiates “The Canonical Order”. I think it has to be fleshed out more to fulfill its potential . Please don’t get me wrong, this is a very enjoyable and well-written thriller.


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