The Real Book Spy

In my foray into the world of thriller book reviews, I came across a website that I would recommend to anyone interested in reading (or writing) thrillers. The website is called The Real Book Spy, The Real Book Spy does thriller reviews really well. This guy knows how to write book reviews. He focuses on thrillers in a broad sense, not simply those that have to do with spies or espionage. The site is very well done and is a lot of fun to surf through.

His reviews are concise, and well written. He concentrates on recently released thrillers starting in 2015, from major publishers.  Each review contains summary of the content of the novel, similar to what you would find on the dust cover if you were browsing in a bookstore. There do not seem to be any spoilers, which I have discovered is a hard trick to master. He does have some evaluative content, however, and is not afraid to point out shortcomings. At the end  of each review, he includes a  small section titled “Book Details”, including a “Book Spy Rating” on a 10-point scale. The books he reviews are all pretty good to begin with, having already received a lot of pre-publication scrutiny, but the Real Book Spy does discriminate. For example, the recent thriller The President is Missing,  by Bill Clinton and James Patterson receives a Book Spy Rating of 7.0/10. Daniel Silva’s recent release, The Other Woman, receives a Book Spy Rating of 9.95/10. I haven’t read either of these books yet, so I can’t comment on the Real Book Spy’s judgement, but I do admire his willingness to make numerical assessments. It is easy to make enemies in this field, so publishing a less-than-near-perfect rating on a thriller by such famous authors takes a certain amount of courage.

I have taken to reading the Real Book Spy’s Reviews after I have read a book and made my own judgements. He really knows his way around the thriller world and writes really good, concise reviews. I would recommend anyone interested in the world of thrillers to take a spin through his website. In addition to reviews, he has a lot of information on author tours, interviews from authors, industry news, etc. He provides reading lists and makes individual reading recommendations on request. He also offers editorial services as a “book doctor” and is probably a very good one. He has links on Amazon to purchase the books he reviews.

His website contains over 100 reviews so far in 2018. He is very active on Twitter. I have no idea how he reads all the books he reviews. and delivers all the information he delivers to the thriller community of readers and writers, but he does a great job. I imagine he is a very busy man.


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