Review of “In Plain Sight” by C.J. Box

Box’s main protagonist, Joe Pickett, a game warden in a small rural town in Wyoming. He is in the middle of a feud between two brothers who own a ranch in the town and are important local political players. Their mother has disappeared without explanation. At the same time, a relative of someone Joe has killed, is coming to avenge his death. Pickett’s daughters become kidnapped, and Pickett is involved in their rescue.

I enjoyed this book. Box is a very good writer and tells a well-paced story. He excels at maintaining suspense. Box is superb with his setting, rural Wyoming. His characters are well-drawn, and his story moves along at a quick pace. His main character is a good man, but has a bit of an attitude and a tendency to “go Western” on his enemies.

I found the protagonist likable, but I didn’t quite understand him.  The antagonist comes to avenge something done in an earlier novel. If I had read his earlier books, this would not have been too much of a problem, but I felt I did not know the characters as well as I should. I also did not like his cliff-hanger ending. I felt it ended abruptly. The reader has to wait for the next novel to read the denouement. I didn’t like that marketing ploy, but I can’t argue with Box’s commercial success. He knows how to do it!

This was probably not a good book to begin reading his Joe Pickett series, at least not for me. There was a lot of relevant backstory about the main character and one of his friends who came to Joe’s aid.  I felt the details revealed about this character were insufficient for me to understand his motivation for helping Joe Pickett. I have a feeling that if I had read some of Box’s earlier novels in his Joe Pickett series I would have understood this character a little better.

I borrowed this book from the Delaware County Library System’s electronic lending collection and read it on my Kindle.


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