Review of “Chasing Ivan” by Tim Tigner

I received this novel for free from a BookBub offer. It turned out to be a prequel to a three book series already written which I have not read. It was fairly short, actually more of a novella than a novel. It is a clever way to introduce an author to a reader. It worked for me since I had never heard of Tim Tigner before the BookBub offer.

I liked the pace of the book. The writing was very good, and the pace of the story was quick. I read this book in a pretty short time, since the writer kept the tension of the book very tight throughout. The writer had a few twists in store for the reader, which is a difficult trick to accomplish in such a short book.


On the negative side, I found the characters not well developed at all. The protagonist was fairly one dimensional, as were the villains. I prefer my protagonists to be more complex, perhaps with some flaws. I found the plot to be a little preposterous, particularly the way the damsel in distress landed in the hands of the villain. I found it difficult to believe anyone could be that dumb. I also found it difficult to believe the hero’s bosses could be that dumb as well. I imagine the abbreviated length of the story contributed a great deal to the book’s shortcomings.


I have a feeling the author’s other books might be a lot better since they would not be hampered by the length, but I haven’t read them. The author’s writing style and ability to keep up the tension will serve him well. This was an entertaining read for me. Some improvements on the characters and the plot, however, are needed. I have a feeling they will come in future, regular-length books.


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