What Changed in Higher Education?

I have taught at the university level for a very long time.  Most of my adult career has been at the same university, so most of my comments here have been gleaned from that experience.

I won’t disclose any salacious details about my life at that university. Sorry to spoil anyone’s fun, but I have nothing but very warm memories of my days there.

My intention in future posts is to answer the question “What changed in higher education during the years I spent there?”

A quick answer would be “1) It got a lot more expensive,  2)  it grew like wildfire, 3) Technology really changed things, 4) It is in for a day of reckoning.”

Future blog posts will explore why this happened, and explore if the changes are a good thing or a bad thing. The issues are far more complex than they may seem on the surface. Also, this blog is a way to help me to “think out loud” and perhaps reach some different conclusions than the ones I have now.


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