I signed up for something called BookBub this week. An advertisement on Twitter caught my attention. This isn’t a complete review since  it will take some time to evaluate it. I signed up for it because it promised electronic books for free or a reduced  price.  I also wanted to learn more about the electronic book market. I am a book guy, and have been reluctant to go electronic, but my resistance is weakening. I purchased a Kindle, and I want to  learn about the electronic book market since I will have to deal with it if I ever actually publish anything. For me it is a brave new, unknown world.

BookBub claims to be something like Groupon for electronic books. They will alert you to “bargains” in the electronic books market.  Some books are free, and they  run to up to $2.99 each. You can select a particular genre (I selected Thriller). You can select more if you so desire. You can follow selected authors to see if they have any bargains available. You can also choose one or more platforms. I chose Kindle. The sign-up process was easy, no credit card was required, but they did want your email. I smell a daily email coming as a result.

BookBub did suggest a lot of books in my genre. As a test, I selected several free spy novels.

The Grave Man – A Sam Prichard Mystery (A Sam Prichard Mystery Thriller Book 1)

Any Means Necessary (a Luke Stone Thriller-Book #1)

Never Say Spy (The Never Say Spy Series Book 1)

These are not from authors I am familiar with, and I am not sure who any of the publishers were. Attractive cover art was shown for each book on their suggestion list. I feel it won’t hurt to read some unfamiliar authors. I hope to be one myself, if things go well for me, so I need to see how and why they publish that way. They exhibited the skill and determination to These authors all appear to give away one book for free, but charge something for the other books in that series. Seems like a good marketing technique to get someone to try out an author. It worked for me. There are many good books that for whatever reason do not get published by a mainstream press. Bookstores concentrate on the more popular writers, so BookBub seemed to be a good thing for me.

After I selected the book, BookBub  sent me to Amazon to complete the purchase process. The book was, in fact, priced at $0.00 and I was informed that it was available for my Kindle. No glitches or surprises.

If any of my readers has any thoughts about BookBub, I would be happy to read them. This is a new world for me, and I need all the help I can get. I will try to keep you informed about my BookBub thoughts.


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