Writers’ Pornography

In my quest to learn the craft of writing, I have come across a great deal of what I call “Writers’ Pornography.” I am really not sure if anyone else uses this term, and I apologize for any unintended plagiarism.

I do have to credit Anthony Bourdain, from whom I first heard the term “Food Pornography” to describe many of the food-centric television and travel shows that are currently popping up on various cable networks.

Writers pornography is designed to charge up the writer and potential writer to the writing process. It falls into various categories:

  • I did it and you can do it too
  • Look at the barriers I overcame with my writing
  • My masochistic writing or publishing journey
  • Terrible things my publisher did to me
  • Terrible things I did to my loved ones
  • Joys of the query process
  • How I deal with criticism and rejection
  • Sacrifices I made to write
  • Fun I had while writing
  • Tricks for self-discipline

Please don’t get me wrong, much of this is very good stuff. It can be helpful and motivational. It is also interesting to know that successful authors went through a lot of tough times. I enjoy reading this stuff as much as anybody, but it doesn’t help me to write, and I am not sure why I am so drawn to it. I guess it makes me feel good when writing becomes difficult, or when other things get in the way of writing. Come to think of it, that covers a lot of ground.