Starting to Write

This is my ninth blog entry.

The local writing conference was a good start for me. I learned some fundamentals that I didn’t know before. I learned that writing is a very tough, competitive world. I learned the value of networking, although I can’t say I am very good at it. I learned a little about the world of self-publishing. I learned I really didn’t know a lot.

Some “advice” I picked up there (in no particular order):

  • You have to network
  • You have to have an author website
  • You have to read in the genre you want to write in
  • You have to read in other genres
  • You have to read the classics both in and out of your genre
  • You have to enjoy writing to do it well
  • You have to make time in your life for writing
  • You need your work edited no matter what
  • Agents are tough to get
  • Publishers are even tougher to get
  • Don’t quit your day job
  • Have persistence
  • Have a thick skin to face all the inevitable rejection
  • Look into software to help your writing out

I don’t know if this is good or bad advice, but it is advice and is worth evaluating. Some of it is self-serving advice from the purveyors of various “services” that may be very useful to an aspiring writer such as myself, may be legitimate but not useful to me, or may even be predatory. It looks like it is a “buyer beware” sort of business. My basic caution leads me to avoid anything with a high price tag, but that caution may lead me to miss something of value to me in my quest to write a novel.

I decided I would start writing, without a lot of help from anyone. I have to figure some way to get someone to read the novel if it is ever going to be any good. That will have to come later. First I had to write a novel. I started writing without too much of a plan. My  goal was  a completed first draft. I would have to learn along the way.